Watchdog Online Security Pro – Lifetime of Device / 1-PC

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Brand: Watchdog Development
Manufacturer Part #: WOSP-LD-1U
Our Part #: AS-WOSP-LD-1U
Availability: In Stock
Media Type: Download
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

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**A Lifetime of Device license is defined as referring to the lifetime of the PC. Furthermore, Lifetime Licenses are NOT transferable to one PC to another and are NOT transferable if a customer reformats the same hard drive, or decides to install a new hard drive on same PC, or decides to delete a previously activated Watchdog Anti-Malware with a Lifetime License and re-install it at a later date.**
Watchdog Anti-Malware is a second-opinion cloud-based multi-engine malware scanner designed to protect your computer from malware that your primary anti-virus misses.

Improve your security
Watchdog Anti-Malware uses our Cloud Scanning Platform, a highly optimized cluster of servers running several anti-virus engines with the latest updates. This provides you with the power of multi-engine scanning without any of the downsides such as drains on system resources or conflicts between programs.


Fast scanning and malware removal
Watchdog Anti-Malware is extremely optimized and lightweight. Our software engineers designed it to work out of the box without the need to tinker with confusing settings. Simply start a scan and wait a few minutes while it searches your computer and eliminates threats.


Multi-engine scanning.
Removes unwanted apps, toolbars and add-ons.
Very fast scanning.
Very easy to use.
Doesn’t slow down your PC.


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